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The Pride Collection

Behind every successful man, is a woman. How often have we heard that line?

Heck, if she wasn't made to stand behind him, she would've been successful herself. 

But what does the society do to the women who are brave enough to take the step forward?

It shatters them, insults them, isolates them, mocks them, calls them bossy, and blames their attitude for every inevitable backlash they face on the way. 

Women have been spoken about for every right and wrong move they took or did not take. But on the positive side, they've not just survived it all but even dealt it with pure grace.


So how does she do it? In many cases we know, it wasn't love, nor any help that she received, but her own ‘Pride’ that kept her going and got her through it all.

This collection is in the honour of all the powerful women who have endured hardships in their life but have persevered for what's rightfully theirs. We admire, respect, and cherish them, and hope to emulate them. Through this collection, we try to bring them closer to us. 

We hope you enjoy wearing and showing off the Pride Collection.

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