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Our Story

Akarkhana meaning 'A-Karkhana' or 'Akar-khana', is a place for creativity to take form.

As creative people, we get inspired by our life experiences and surroundings. This inspiration takes shape into various forms like literature, paintings, design, drama, fashion, etc. Akarkhana began with a similar idea to absorb every ray of life and allow creativity to take form.

The first form for Akarkhana came through ‘The Pride Collection’. The jewellery designs from this collection were inspired by patterns found in art and architecture and were named after inspiring women from mythology and history. For instance, the design of the Kalki jewel comes from Athangudi tiles native to a small village in South India. The Aisha Jewel is inspired by the beautiful Islamic patterns and is named after Hazrat Aisha, one of Prophet Muhammed’s Wives. The design of the Aphrodite jewel is inspired by a unique truss pattern seen in Goa, home to many sloping roof houses. 

The second collection 'Bunnai' is inspired by the fascinating textiles patterns of India like the Kinnauri print, the Ikkat print, and the beautiful Bagru designs native to Bagru, a small village near Jaipur, Rajasthan. These designs were conceptualised while travelling through Himachal, the land of the gods, and harsh winters. Thus, nuances of the cold weather, beautiful scenery and elegant snowflakes are reflected through the designs. 

Akarkhana jewellery is handmade with love, with walnut veneer and colourful acrylic.

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Jewellery Care

Akarkhana jewellery is made with strong and durable materials, however, the jewels may lose their charm if they are dropped or handled without care.
Please avoid any contact with moisture.
Clean with a soft cloth if necessary.
Protect the piece by storing it in the box.

That's all! We hope you enjoy wearing and showing off your jewels.

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